Why Do Bulldogs Cost So Much?
If you have just starting looking into purchasing a Bulldog and you are trying to
figure out why they are so expensive, here is the answer to that questions. There
are a multitude of reasons, so we will start with the basics. First of all the two
dogs being bred must be of good quality, sound attitude/character, be as close to
the AKC standard as possible and defect free. Once past that hurdle, English
Bulldogs are bred by artificial insemination as they do not breed naturally. That is
not to say that it is impossible, however it is a rare occurrence. If you have been
able to get your dog pregnant then you have the expense of her vet visits and lots
and lots of food. Once you both have gotten through approx. 63 days of
pregnancy it is time for her C-Section. Approx. 95% of all Bulldogs are born via C-
Section. After the babies are born, they must be cared for by their human and
Bulldog mommy. English Bulldog mom's cannot be left in a whelping box with their
babies as they tend to roll on them and can kill them easily. Newborn Bulldogs
need to be fed every two hours around the clock for approx. the first 10 - 14 days
then the time will move to every 3 hours and then 4 hours and so on.  During this
time, you must sit with mom while she feeds the babies and ensure that when they
are all done feeding they get cleaned properly. If your Bulldog mom does not
clean them, then that will be the job of the human mom. Once the puppies reach 6
weeks of age, they will be weaned from mom and eating puppy food. This is also
the time each puppy will require shots and vet visits. At this age, the messes only
get bigger....you are always cleaning! If your lucky you can catch a couple hours
of sleep in a row at this point. It takes an extreme amount of dedication for this
breed for anyone to put themselves through this and love it. I tell everyone until
you own a Bulldog, you will never understand why we put ourselves through
this.......they are so worth it.

If your not a Bulldog, then your just a dog!

Estimated Cost To Produce One Litter Of Bulldog Puppies
  • Initial purchase of female Bulldog and male Bulldog or Stud Fee is the largest cost of all!
  • Artificial insemination - Approx. $500 - $1000
  • X-Ray (or) Ultrasound - Approx. $100 - $350
  • Food/vitamins for the mommy to be; premium food is a must - Approx. $300
  • C-Section  - Approx. $1000 - $1500 (if c-section is required outside of normal business hours the
    charges can be up to $1000 extra)
  • Whelping box - Approx. $150 - $200 (if built yourself)
  • Heating pads, heat lamps, humidifier, blankets, towels, cleaning supplies, paper towels, baby
    wipes, puppy shampoo, nail trimmers, bottles, newspapers and lots of them. This list goes on and
    on.......Approx. $300 - $500
  • Puppy food: Premium puppy food, baby rice cereal, plain yogurt, cottage cheese, goat milk, formula
    if needed for supplementing. - Approx $300 - $500 (cost will depend on litter count)
  • Puppy shots & wormings (Cost is dependant on litter count) - Approx. $200 per puppy (over 12
    week time frame)
  • Initial puppy vet check - Approx. $40 per puppy (each vet charges differently)
  • Puppy play pens - Approx. $75 each
  • Some of the items in this list above can be re-used for future litters, however it is still a cost in the
  • All of these estimates do not include any unexpected vet visits or medications that may be
    necessary (and usually are). This list also only includes the bare necessities. There are many more
    supplies needed when raising a litter of puppies.
  • And last but NOT least....all of your time and dedication to producing a happy, well adjusted,
    socialized, healthy Bulldog baby!