Winston (Male) - Sold
Fawn & White
Congratulations To Kathy & David In MA!
View a video of this baby!
(he is 3 days old in this video)
Winston with his family!
Just got off the plane and
met my new mommy!
My ride home
So....I have this really great
bed and awesome
I like mom and dad's better!
Getting comfy....time for a snooze!
I'm still a baby....I like my sleep :)
Love my new jacket!
Waiting for my daddy to get home........
Guess I better sit down, it's gonna be a few minutes........
Finally!!!! Yeah!!!!
I was just trying to help :)
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Winston's first new
doggie friend....a beautiful
French Mastiff!
Another very handsome
friend of Winston's....he
sure is getting popular!
Check me the
drivers seat
watch out!
I have it made....nice warm jacket, getting pushed around in a cart
and getting loved on by everyone at Lowe's!
I love it when mommy
takes me shopping!
Getting all handsome for
the holidays!
Going for a drive with my daddy!
Just hangin out with my
sister for our first
Thanksgiving together :)
Winston's Photo Shoot....isn't he gorgeous?
Christmas 2014