Turbo (SOLD)
Congratulations To Mike, Adam and Cheyenne In Yuma, AZ!
Turbo goes swimming!
Turbo playing with his friend
the little lamb
Turbo's rough life....haha
No more naps....time to go to
work with daddy.
.......ok, maybe I'm not so tough
just yet...haha.
Since I'm getting so big and I'm
so tough now, I got to go
OMG, Turbo is just a blast. He is the biggest ham sometimes. There is only one problem with Mr. Turbo, he is a
THIEF!!!! You can set something down and turn your back and two minutes later it’s gone.  It’s pretty funny now
because if the kids are missing something they’ll ask me if I seen it and of course I say no and it’s outside to the
backyard to look and low and behold that is where you will find it. 9 times out of a 10 he won’t even chew whatever it is
he stole he just brings it outside.  

We just got our lambs again a couple of weeks ago for 4H and if you ever need a pick me up in spirits just go outside
and let the lambs out of the pen and turbo play with them and you will bust a gut laughing. He hasn’t been to the vet
since he was neutered about 4 months ago and then he weighed about 75 pounds if I remember correctly. I would say
he is pushing close to 90 lbs right now and he thinks he is still a lap dog.  We take him in the motorhome and when I
get out he will actually climb up on the dash and sit there looking for me. But, Turbo is doing great. He is a very happy
dog and we are all very happy to have him.
Happy Birthday Turbo!