Paisley AKA Paisley
Congratulations to Harriette in TX!
Yes we have been very very busy!! Paisley is doing AMAZING! She has not been to the vet since we completed her shots
in September but i am going to guess she is around 35 pounds. I can still pick her up if I need to, but it is no easy feat. She
is completely potty trained and doing really well. She sleeps with me in my bed every night and throws a fit and lays on her
back when I am done getting ready and have to throw her out of the bed.

I actually have been able to get her together with Diesel my old friend's two year old Valley Bulldog and they look like
identical twins the way they are marked. They play very hard for hours, by the time I take her home she sleeps for hours
before she is ready to go again. I will take pictures of them together the next time I go over there. She is scared of trash
trucks and parked motorcycles. She plays well with others, and my parent's 14 year old dog even tolerates her constant
energy the two times I have taken her home. She loves the car (has something to do with the 12 hour drive back to Texas
when she was a puppy) and either sits nicely in her kennel or sleeps in the front seat. She has never had any people food
at all and has never begged for food. She loves her two soft squeeky toys and will play fetch but only in the house where
there are very little distractions. She spends a lot of time outside on a long lead leash while I am home and working in the
kitchen where I can watch her. Everyone that walks by loves her and she has made several other puppy friends in our
cottage community.