Lucy AKA Lucy
Congratulations to Olivia, Ray and Kristin in New York! I know Lucy is going to have a great loving home
with your family and she can't wait to meet you in person. In the mean time, I hope you guys enjoy
watching her grow. I know you keep checking her progress and I will keep posting pictures for you every
couple of days so you can see all of the changes she is making. She can't wait to be in your arms!
Lucy 2 Days Old...Getting Bigger Already!
Lucy 4 Days Old In The Oh So Famous Bulldog Pose....on her back! Just wait until you
get her home and you will see what I mean....haha. And you can see her cord came off.
Lucy 7 Days Old Growing As She Sleeps!
Lucy The Day She Was Born
Lucy 10 Days Old, She Is Starting To Hold Her Head Up....She Kinda Looks Like A
Bobble Head Puppy.....So Cute!
Lucy 15 Days Old....I Know You Have Been Waiting For Her Eyes To Open.....And They Finally Are Open!
She Can't See Very Far Yet, But She Can See Enough Not To Run Into Things Now When She Scoots
Hey Kids...It's Lucy Sleeping The Day After Thanksgiving Like The Rest Of Us...She Didn't Get Turkey, But
She Sure Is Full! She Is Now 17 Days Old! Time Sure Is Flying....She told me to tell you that she can't wait
to be playing with you soon....after a nap of course.
Lucy just after eating. Her
belly is full, she went potty
and she is sooo happy and
relaxed right now.
Lucy's Full Belly!
Lucy, 1 day before she turns 3 weeks! You kids won't believe everything she is doing now. She can stand,
sit, walk (still a bit wobbly, but she does it), growl and tries to bark..haha...tries. She still sounds like a kitty
instead of a puppy, but she will get there soon.
Okay already, I
sat still long
enough for the
pictures, now will
please feed me??
Look guys, I can
do it......I'm
Cute wrinkles too
hu? hehe
Lucy getting ready for Christmas!
She is now 3 1/2 weeks old and growing fast.
Lucy thought she would check out a candy cane......She is now 4 1/2 weeks
old. She is full of wrinkles and growing a ton....she likes to eat...haha.
Lucy at 6 weeks old! Look at how much she has grown now.
She is a little tank!
Lucy playing with daddy Goose......
What can I say? We all have our moments.......this was my moment.