Ethel AKA Ethel
Congratulations to Olivia, Ray and Kristin in New York! I can't believe that Lucy has a little sister now. I am
so happy that she is joining your family as you are wonderful doggie parents. By the way, you couldn't
have chosen a better name....Lucy & Ethel, what a pair they will be.
Ethel 1 Day Old!
Ethel and her sister at 4 days old taking a cozy
little nap together.......
About 2 1/2 weeks old, growing fast and trying to walk........ I guess it was to
exhausting, she gave up the walking for today :)
2 Days old and getting a little belly already!
6 weeks old now, holly cow time is flying! Ethel gets to go home and meet her big
sister very soon! We all know Lucy is going to be such a great big sister.
Since I am not big enough to go outside yet I guess I will just look and see what's out there.
Oh forget's to hot out there anyways, guess I will have to wait......
Guess what else I learned today? I think I figured out how to jump...
Just kidding, I decided to sit pretty instead.
I will be there soon guys! I
can't wait to meet you all...I
have heard really good
things about you and I know
you will all love me so much.
Puppy breath kisses to you
all, love your baby girl Ethel.