Cash AKA Junior
Congratulations To Jonathan, Vicki, Hezekiah and Triston  In Canada!
All is great with cash. He is 55lbs and in amazing shape. He hasn't had any problems medically or any other way,
he is another one of our spoiled kids. He comes to work with me everyday, he has a huge yard to burn off his
energy, and lots of puppy pals to play with on a regular basis. He has been amazing with our boys and our cat.
He is a very happy, social puppy.

Cash loves water, it is so hard to keep him out of the lake. He gives all the "water dogs" a run for their money.
Once he figured out the water wasn't gonna hurt him he wouldn't stay out of it. Any hose, any swimming pool, or
even a mud puddle, he dives right in! It is pretty hilarious some days.