Sugar & Daddy
They were thrown out of a car in front of a vets office while Sugar was in labor on New Years eve.
Daddy stood in front of her so she wouldn't get hit by any cars. They were very lucky that the vet
was in that night doing an emergency surgery and took them in. He called me the next day asking
if I would take them and I made space for them and brought them all home. It was apparent that
neither dog had ever been inside, they had been outdoor dogs their entire life. They quickly got
used to being a house dog and loved it! I named them Sugar & Daddy because the female was all
white and well...the male was the Daddy :) Sugar had 8 babies and was such a wonderful mama.
Here are some pictures and stories of some of the rescue dogs we
have been lucky enough to share our home with.
Daddy,  Sugar & The Babies
The day they came to me
She was found by a friend of mine running across a major street. He brought her to me and
several days later we found out from a local rescue group she was a 14 year old Boxer named
Sadie. We are not sure what happened with her owners, but she is living her life out with Boxer
rescue and is as happy as can be!
She is a Hound Mix that ended up in rescue with her 7 babies. We assisted in fostering her and her
babies until they found their forever homes.
A beautiful Husky that found us. I went outside one morning and she was laying on my driveway,
so hot and hungry that she couldn't even get up. We took her in, got her healthy and she has a
very loving home now.
Chunky & Monkey
These two adorable little guys were thrown out of a truck on a busy street. I took them both in,
cleaned them up and fed them and they were sooo sweet. We were able to find them homes where
they are happy, healthy and loved.
We fostered Stella for a local rescue group. Stella, her puppies and two adult males were dropped
off at the Humane Society and they didn't have the space for these sweet little guys. We fostered
them until they found their forever homes.
Boss & Mia
These two very loving Pits were abandoned in the yard of a foreclosed home. They had been left
for at least two weeks with no food or water in the heat of the AZ sun. Mia was pregnant during this
time as well. I took them in and the very next day Mia delivered 8 beautiful babies. It was a very
long rough road for all of us during this time. Due to the lack of care that Mia had during her
pregnancy, we sadly lost 4 of the babies. Boss, Mia and the surviving 4 babies are all now in
happy loving homes!
Our Rescues
Sweet Ella
Ella is a 7 year old Bull Mastiff and the sweetest thing ever. She was bred her entire life and when
she didn't get pregnant the last time, her owners no longer wanted her. She had been kept outside
most of her life and not treated how a princess should be treated. Ella loves to be inside and lay on
the couch (something she has never had). She is a wonderful loving dog with children of all ages.
She is not so great with other dogs just yet, but I am sure that is because she was not socialized
properly when she was young. She is getting much better!
Yeah!!! Ella now has her forever home with a family that loves her dearly!
Basset Hound / Dachshund Mix
Dixie actually found us....At 3am my dogs started barking and making a big fuss. My son went out
front to see what was going on and this sweet little girls was sitting up against our garage door
crying. We brought her in, she crawled in bed with me like she has known me her entire life. Very
sweet little girl. She loves kids and other dogs.
We can always use your help with our rescue doggies. They typically require vet care,
vaccinations, dewormings, flee or tick treatment and treatment for any conditions they may have.
Most of the dogs we take in come from the streets or are rescued from shelters within hours of
being put to sleep. These loving dogs need our help to get them in good health and keep them that
way. Without your help, we could never do this on our own. We appreciate all of your generosity.
Just remember, every penny counts, so no donation is to small! Give the gift of life!
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