Our personal experience with NuVet Products

We first heard about NuVet from another breeder. After learning what it had
done for her dogs, we decided that we would give it a shot with ours. It's one
thing when you hear great stories from other people and read testimonials, but
when you experience something this amazing yourself, it makes you a true
believer. After you see results like this, you just want to share it with the world,
so we have decided to share our experiences with all of you animal lovers.

  1. We had a rescue dog that had a severe skin issue that turned out to be
    mange. Her hair was missing from most of her body and she had scabs
    and wounds from scratching the irritated skin. She was the first to try
    NuVet. I was told that within 4 or 5 weeks I would see a drastic difference,
    honestly, I didn't expect it to work. After only 2 1/2 weeks, her scabs were
    healing and hair was growing back. After just 3 1/2 weeks, all of her hair
    was back, scabs were healed and she was no longer in pain from trying
    to scratch herself all the time.
  2. Some friends of ours have a mixed breed dog that they rescued about
    two years ago. Last year, there dog started getting sores on his body that
    the vet couldn't even explain. The vet suggested a specialist to try and
    figure out what was happening to this poor dog, so they took him in. After
    several hundred dollars and lots of testing on this poor boy, they still had
    no idea what was happening to his skin. I suggested NuVet....it can't hurt.
    He was so miserable with open sores all over his back and legs, we had
    to try. I provided them with a one month supply of NuVet and amazingly
    enough, after just two weeks, the wounds started to heal, after four weeks
    the wounds were scabbed over and at the fifth week, there was hair
    growth growing over the previous wounds. He now has a beautiful coat,
    no more skin issues and healthy as a horse....thank you NuVet!
  3. We then decided to try NuVet on our pregnant bitches. One mom to be
    received NuVet and the other did not so we could see if there would be a
    difference. Much to our surprise, the bitch that was on NuVet throughout
    pregnancy birthed a larger than normal litter, bigger healthier puppies
    and she produced more milk while nursing. These pups were stronger,
    healthier and had just beautiful coats. The second bitch that did not
    receive NuVet during pregnancy had a normal sized litter, normal sized
    pups, normal coats and didn't seem to grow as fast or as strong as the
    others and we lost two out of that litter for no apparent reason. We then
    decided it was important to get the second bitch on NuVet ASAP, which
    we did. After just being on NuVet about two weeks, she started getting a
    lot more milk, then her puppies started growing like the others and by the
    time they went to their new homes, they had beautiful coats just like the
    first litter. This truly is an amazing product! We will be keeping our dogs
    on it for life and we require that all of our puppies stay on it for life as well
    per our contract.
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Everyone wants what is best for their beloved family pet,
and they deserve to be as healthy as possible.
The answer is finally here.....NuVet!
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If you still aren't a believer, please take a little time
to read these testimonials. I do not know all of these
people or their dogs, these are just true stories from
others that tried NuVet.....see what it has done for
their pets!