Valley Bulldogs
What is a Valley Bulldog you ask? A Valley Bulldog is a hybrid of the English
Bulldog & the Boxer. Another way to create this breed is to breed two Valley
Bulldogs together which creates a second generation Valley Bulldog.  The
average lifespan for a Valley Bulldog is approx. 10 - 14 years

The following is the history of the Valley Bulldog from IOEBA
International Olde English Bulldogge Association
The Registry For Alternative Bulldogges And Rare Breeds

The Valley Bulldog is an extremely rare breed.  The Valley Bulldog is thought
to have originated in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada thus
giving it the name "Valley Bulldog".  For the most part the development of
the Valley Bulldog  can be traced back to the mid 1900's although it is
entirely possible to have existed much longer, research is still pending.  
Research has discovered that several of today's breeders are said to have
produced 10 to 15 generations of pure Valley Bulldogs in their breeding
programs. The genetic origin and foundation of the Valley Bulldog was
established on and incorporated the Bulldog and the Boxer.  These two
breeds were used because of the Boxer's athletic ability and exceptional
temperament and the Bulldog's courageous and unwavering spirit.  Over the
years type has been set and the Valley Bulldog is now a purebred in both
form and type. The Valley Bulldog was developed as a durable, athletic,
working utility dog that was used primarily for farm and ranch work.  Valley
Bulldogs were used to work cattle and other unruly livestock as well as
protect and guard the farm or ranch and its occupants from natural
predators.  All of these needs and others have lent to the development of
this courageous and durable breed.  It should be remembered that the Valley
Bulldog of today is truly a working breed.

The health and temperament of this breed is a wonderful combination of the
English Bulldog and the Boxer. They are very loyal, loving and wonderful
with children like the Bulldog. Athletic, playful and friendly like the Boxer.
You get the best of both breeds!