About Us
Welcome to The Royal Bulldog family. We are a family that is native to Arizona. We have lived here our entire
lives and now our children are being raised here as well.  Here starts how we got involved with English
Bulldogs and then Valley Bulldogs. Many years ago my ex-husband started telling me he wanted an English
Bulldog. I never thought much of it until I decided to buy him one. As soon as I found out how much they cost, I
told him, "are you crazy....I am not paying that much for a dog". Then I just had to find out what was so special
about these dogs. Without telling him, I secretly went to meet breeders to find out what was so great about
this breed and why they cost what they do. I spent almost a year learning as much as I could about the breed,
talking to breeders, meeting puppies and adult Bulldogs so I could find out what the big deal was. Much to my
surprise I fell in love with the breed. I did end up buying my ex-husband his English Bulldog and it was love from
that day forward. I learned why Bulldogs are so expensive and they are worth every single penny! I became
very good friends with the breeder I purchased my first Bulldog from and she taught me so much about the
breed. I learned so many of the right things to do as well as the things not to do as a breeder. I learned how
heartbreaking it can be at times to be a breeder as well as how fulfilling it can be. It is so important to get to
know your breeder and be confident that you can trust them before getting "puppy fever" and just purchasing
any puppy. We all live and learn by making mistakes, it's learning from the mistakes that makes the difference.
I asked a lot of questions, watched, experienced situations for myself that I never expected. After my first few
months of learning and watching I started taking lots of dog & puppy pictures, building websites, handling
paperwork, assisting in c-section deliveries at the vet, raising English Bulldog litters, learning the breed
standards, learning the difference between show quality and pet quality, rescuing dogs, helping with lost and
stolen Bulldogs, educating people with the knowledge I did have, but most of all, getting as much education
and hands on experience about this breed as possible. I then contacted
Royal Canin, who does more canine
research than any other company in the world to see what they had to offer. What an amazing company! They
sent me all kinds of books and literature specifically on Bulldogs, breeding, whelping and so on. I have read all
of that material plus much more. Books will never give you all the education and experience needed to raise
your own litter but it gives you a starting point. Hands on experience is required along with book knowledge and
lots of advise. You must find someone to shadow before attempting breeding a Bulldog for yourself. I ended up
spending three more years learning first hand what it takes to raise Bulldog litters......wow......what a load of
work that is. I never knew nor would I have believed what it takes to raise a litter of Bulldog pups if I hadn't
seen it for myself. I do not recommend to anyone that you try this and you will see why as you read on.........I
can't tell you how many times I have heard from people that they would like to breed their Bulldog to make
some extra money. Every time I hear that I have to be the bold person that I am and explain what they are
getting into. You must have a love of the breed and want only to better the breed if you plan on breeding any
dog. This is no easy task! English Bulldog's require an AI (artificial insemination) to conceive as they do not
breed naturally due to body structure. There are two ways to do this; AI and surgical AI both are very costly. If
you do not have a stud of your own, it will cost anywhere from $1000 - $3000 just for the stud fee. Then if you
choose a surgical AI, that is approx. $500 additional. Once you have done all this in the hopes that your bitch is
pregnant you will have the expense of a c-section when it is time for delivery. Bulldogs cannot deliver naturally
due to the size of the pups heads and shoulders as well as it is to difficult for the bitch to breathe and push due
to being a short faced breed. The cost for a c-section can range from $900 - $2000 and that is with no
complications. The typical size of a Bulldog litter is about 4-6, however it could be as small as 1 or as big as
10. If you are considering breeding to make some extra money or to give Bulldogs to your family members,
think again! There is so much risk to your dog and to the breed if you do not have the experience and
education behind you. It takes many years to gain this knowledge and experience, so if you want to buy a
Bulldog to breed, I would expect that you would already have this knowledge and experience under your belt.
This is not something to just give a try. It is very costly to get a Bulldog pregnant, deliver puppies, raise the
litter for at least 8 weeks and do it all responsibly. You also have to consider your family needs. Bulldog litters
cannot just be left with their mother to feed when they are hungry. Bulldogs tend to roll on their puppies that
results in death. You must sit in the whelping box every two hours around the clock with the mother and assist
her in feeding her babies.  After the first week, you advance to every three hours, then every four and so on.
Then at about four weeks of age they can start eating soft food, but still have to nurse several times per day.
You cannot raise a litter of Bulldogs properly and have a job away from the home. There must be supervision
at all times. This is something to consider before you think about breeding as it takes all of your time for at
least 8 weeks after birth. If you have read this and still think you would like to breed, please feel free to
contact me as I would rather help educate you to better the breed then leave you to fend for yourself
uneducated. Please think long and hard before you consider breeding your Bulldog. We love our dogs and this
breed and only do what is best for them, not us. There is nothing like a Bulldog that is why we do our best to
bring happy, healthy, beautiful Bulldogs and Valley Bulldog into your families to live long happy healthy lives.  
Thank you for taking the time to read about us and we look forward to meeting you soon.